Large Mug – VW T3 T25 Customised from Photo – Hotter Than… Syncro 2WD Westfalia Panel Van Pickup


Ideal gift for your car obsessed partner to make sure everyone knows that they don’t really love their car more than you!

Featuring a T3 T25 Vanagon which we tailor to a photo of your bus.
We can also do Pickup models. – Single and Double Cab.
Please note, these are not photos, we dont use your photo except to tailor our original vector artwork to match your model.

Please send us a message/email with a photo of your bus after ordering.
We have most variation including all Westfalia Variants, Syncro, and 2WD as well as other conversions such as Auto-Sleeper. Any we dont have we’ll add as requested.

Optional wording covering all the common terms of endearment, please select colour and wording from the drop down list and we’ll print as required.

Double sided print.


Your standard sized “coffee” mug…  approx 9cm high with double sided print and a chunky handle!

Of course you can drink whatever you like from it!

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 18 × 18 cm
Careful Now!

Whilst these mugs are dishwasher safe the abrasive nature of the dishwashing process will take it's toll on the brightness of the design over time.
To keep it looking great forever we recommend handwashing, but if you're lazy leave it on the top shelf in the dishwasher

Small / Far away

Images are for representation purposes only, and whilst they show a pretty accurate representation of the design, things always look different depending where and how they're viewed… so whilst you'll get a product with the design show, layout and colour may vary slightly.